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About Us

  • Same Day Pickup & Delivery

  • Friendly Drivers

  • 24/7/365 Emergency Service

  • Competitive Rates

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Superior Management


Dave Myers started as a driver with Dependable Delivery in 1995. Having personally delivered around 75,000 packages since then, Dave knows Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky better than anyone. Since purchasing the company from founder Robert Quandt in 2008, Dave has maintained the high level of service that Dependable has always been known for, while adding technology such as online order entry and other software advances. Dave’s incredible knowledge of the area, over two decades of experience and dedication gives Dependable the ability to compete head on with larger and better funded competitors.


Vikki Keyser

Victoria Keyser hails from Northwest Indiana, very close to Chicago. She moved to Nashville in December of 2014 and has gotten to know the city and surrounding areas pretty well. She has a degree in Business Management and has worked in the transportation industry since 2007, ranging from dispatcher to program administrator for private DOT drug and alcohol compliance policies for state, federal, FRA, FAA, and FMCSA companies. She started in the company as a driver and then took over on night dispatch, still driving from time to time. In her free time she likes to go white water rafting, watch baking and cooking shows, calligraphy, and writing short stories. She's a night owl who loves mid-nights, so all-in-all a good match for Night Dispatch Manager.

Zac Sumner

Zachary Sumner has been with Dependable Delivery since August of 2012. He started out as a driver, and drove for about a year. After his first year of driving Dave decided that he was awesome and promoted him to management. Initially he was shaky as a leaf on a oak tree in November, but now exudes confidence in everything he does. Zac loves his job and takes pride in what he does at Dependable. He does what needs to be done to get the desired results. Zac’s degree is from the unaccredited school of hard knocks, but he has learned that hard work does pay. Zac has a wonderful family, his wife Kayla and awesome son Brayden, drive him day in and day out. During the microscopic amount of free time available being a manager of a 24 hour small business, he spends in the woods, on the creek, or out riding dirt bikes with his son Brayden.

Ed Overbey

Ed Overbey just started with Dependable Delivery in February of 2017, but has been in the logistics business for 30 years. He drove for the first 15 years and has been dispatching and managing for the last 15. Ed loves to drive and to get out and meet the customers, but is also ready and willing to put in whatever hours are needed to help our office run as smoothly as possible. Ed’s wife Stacy and the three boys Travis, Matt and Ryan were very supportive and backed Ed in his decision to join forces with the Dependable team. When not working, Ed likes to be out on the lake with the family or working on classic hot rods.

Focus on Nashville

Dependable Delivery is proud to call Nashville home. We focus on being the best in Nashville, with no plans for expansion outside of Nashville. Your calls are never routed to another city to a dispatcher that has no knowledge of the area. We know the BNA airport cargo personnel, freight house hours, cut off times, and whether or not we can recover or drop at a particular airline for a particular flight. We monitor TDOT to avoid wrecks and construction delays whenever possible. We stay active in local activities and meet ups. Nashville…the people are friendly, the scenery is beautiful, the taxes are low, and the climate is tolerable. Music City has everything that a major city has to offer and yet you are never more than 30 minutes from a cow! Why would we want to be anywhere else?

Experience & Dedication

In business since 1990, Dependable Delivery is experienced enough to get the job done right. With a staff of nearly 30 full and part time associates, we are small enough to care about every customer and every delivery, yet large enough to ensure we have the drivers to make the deliveries. Like in any business, things do not always go perfectly, but we always strive to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Many of our customers have been with us for more than a decade, and a couple are approaching the 20 year mark!

Teamwork Atmosphere

Dependable is the only local courier company we know of that utilizes “group” communication. All business-hour drivers hear all dispatches, theirs as well as those for other drivers. In most courier companies, a driver talks to dispatch only, and has no idea what the other drivers are doing, or even who they are. Our drivers learn from each other, assist each other with difficult to find locations, and inform each other of traffic delays or other problems. Drivers learn the details of various jobs from each other, which speeds the learning curve for the entire team, and helps ensure top notch service.


All drivers receive standard TSA training, CCSF training, medical specimen handling and HIPPA training annually. As our dispatchers are also experienced drivers, no one is “just thrown out there” without assistance from someone that’s “been there and done that” on the other end of the line.

Standard & Fair Pricing

Our prices are set at a level that attempts to balance our desire for our drivers to earn a fair wage after their expenses, our company to operate in the black, and to provide value for our customers. We know we are higher priced than some of our competitors and lower than others. We have discounts available to customers that meet established criteria. If the absolute lowest price is your company’s primary objective, we are probably not your courier. If having day in / day out reliable service by friendly drivers overseen by pro-active management at a fair price is important to your company, we look forward to serving you for many years to come.

24/7/365 Service

We are not always in the office, but we are always ready to serve you. Our after hours dispatchers work from home, and even occasionally from the road, but we are ready to meet your urgent delivery needs 24 / 7 / 365.

Capacity & Partnerships

Dependable Delivery focuses on deliveries ranging in size from an envelope up to two skids, originating or terminating in the Middle Tennessee / Southern KY area. We do not operate vehicles over 10,000 GVW. We are based in the BNA area and all charges are based on distance from the Nashville International Airport. We are not an IAC; instead we serve as the Nashville agent for several respected national IACs. Our decision not to be an IAC is deliberate. We aim to serve our national IAC partners on Next Flight Out jobs, not to compete with them.

Dependable Delivery has been providing Nashville with outstanding service for over 25 years.

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